The Health Benefits of a Singing Bowl

09 May

Singing bowls refers to a bell that when played will produce a sound which has a deep tone while the same time vibrations occur. Their main advantage is that they offer relaxation and are used in therapy as a healing tool especially by Buddhist monks. These bowls have long been used by the above mentioned monks during meditation and can be used by massage therapists and also yoga therapists. It is helpful by those who are stressed and is also suitable to reduce pain to an individual who is suffering hence giving a healthy mindset to any disturbed person.

There is claim by scientific experts that the vibrations caused by hitting of the bowls at leads to production of some advantageous alterations in the human body which complement the body cells and produce optimum body energy which as a result reduces stress. It also an assertion that these singing bowls are also able to arouse the immune system of a human being which leads to creation of changes in the body which are claimed by scientists to be beneficial to the body system by bring positive changes to the brain waves. Scientific study has shown to it that an experiment carried out on some individuals who were  going through spinal cord pain had their pain significantly reduced after going through singing bowl therapy but it could not be effectively confirmed by the experimenters.

These Silver Sky Imports bowls can be effectively be used by pressing the mallet in a circular motion and against the outside edge. It is also advisable to use your full arms to be able to create the movement which is better than just rotating by the handler’s risk. In addition the bowl can also be struck gently for a while before the circular movement is initiated. These products are readily available in in online platforms for sale and they can also be easily found in many meditation centers around the country or ay yoga or music studios.

The bowls which are of high quality produces sound which is more reverberating. In general, there is a little scientific proof that shows us the healing power of these singing bowls. The combination of the use of these bowls by other effective practices may help individuals who are going through sufferings stated above such as stress, pain or anxiety and this may help them. In a nutshell, these singing bowls are effective for relaxation purposes and have health benefits. Check out this website at to know more about meditation.

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